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Rivers Capital Management is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 801238)

About Rivers Capital Management

Rivers Capital Management provides Financial Advisers with risk-rated multi-asset investment solutions. These are constructed for long-term capital growth or income generation. Our portfolios can be designed to adhere to specific environmental or ethical criteria.

Since launch, the Rivers Discretionary Growth, Income, and ESG portfolios all have strong risk-adjusted returns. These low-cost portfolios have been independently risk-rated and offer access to a full range of passive and actively managed investment funds. Learn more about our process here.

Rivers is directly authorised by the FCA and focused on regulatory compliance. Our portfolios are only available through Financial Advisers. We promote relationships with Advisers using the FCA Reliance on Others Rule. This protects both the Adviser/Client relationship and the adviser from responsibility for investment decisions.

Our investment process consists of dynamic asset allocation, independent fund selection, risk management and loss mitigation. At Rivers Capital Management, we believe in nurturing a close relationship with like-minded advisers and their clients.

Our People

Rivers is a team of experienced asset management professionals, with over 50 years of expertise in both institutional and private portfolio wealth fund management.

Our Mailing List

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Our Approach

As experienced investors, we approach investing in as dynamic and as flexible a way as is possible while remaining both transparent and consistent.  Consistency of return is our primary objective.  We have developed a unique investment process tailored specifically for investment advisers and their clients.

We offer a generic set of risk-rated model portfolio solutions through a broad range of platforms.  These solutions if necessary can be further tailored based on cost,  objective or investment universe.

We adopt a dynamic approach to risk as well as active and passive fund allocation. Our research shows this maximises efficiency and lowers overall costs.

We are independent, accessible only to advisers and provide no direct client solutions or individual funds.

All the model portfolios we manage follow the same ‘Rivers’ investment process:

Long-Term Strategic Allocation.. using the Rivers proprietary risk categorisation system.

Active Tactical Allocation.. by experienced portfolio managers using the Rivers risk matrix.

Flexible Active/Passive Allocation.. where active management allocation varies according to market opportunity.

Unbiased Independent Fund Selection.. optimised for tailored objectives and platform availability.

On-going Risk Management.. targeting long-term consistent returns over short-term performance.


Our Investment Principles

  1. Inefficient markets require continuous monitoring

  2. Dynamically blending active and passive solutions improves returns

  3. Portfolios benefit from tactical risk adjustment to reflect asset valuations

  4. Face to face meetings with managers are an essential part of fund selection

  5. Long-term value to clients must drive all investment decisions


Our Process

Why work with us?

Experienced & Proven Leadership. Rivers Capital Management can draw upon over 50 years of experience at senior levels in global institutions.

We understand Financial Advisers and Investors. We are dedicated to building long-term partnerships with Advisers based on our belief that clients and Advisers are best served by a separate but accountable portfolio provider.

We blend institutional pedigree with an independent, personal approach. When you do business with Rivers Capital Management you deal with a professional you know personally.

We are agile and flexible. Our approach ensures portfolios are tailored to the objectives of our clients and optimised for each investment platform.

We can provide a best practice ‘Reliance on Others’ relationship between the IFA, the Client and us as the Investment Manager as recommended by the FCA.

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